Kadence Samples & Christopher Samples - Your Daddy loves you very much!

Christopher, you are too young to understand this. However, do try and to remember it.
If you ever find yourself in a rocky marriage, TRY TO FORGET the details. Don't concern yourself with who is right and who is wrong... Just stop and realize that a happy marriage is more important than the details of any hardships.

Perhaps you can fix things if you look her straight in the eyes and try this:

"Wife, I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I've been too caught up in my own world instead of being caught up in "OUR" world. I'm sorry for not giving you the attention that you deserve, for not giving enough and demanding too much. I'm sorry for not always being there when you needed me and for not being the husband that I should be. Please use your love for me to forgive me. With your support, your patience, your love, and your prayers - I will strive to be the kind of husband that God wants me to be."

Then TOGETHER go do something fun!

These are my notes from Mark Gungor - Love you Son! - Good luck!