I love to play outdoors


Skydiving, scuba diving, rappelling, swimming, camping, paintball, hiking, go-cart racing, kayaking, firefighting, energetic materials,  WARNING: THIS LIST DON'T END!

Trying to get in a decent shape.

10 sets 20 reps

These recordings are of the 10th sets. They are sloppy but I don't care - I'm counting them! LOL. In 5 months I've gone from 245lbs (111kg) to 224 lbs. (102kg). The best part is I've gone from 20mg of Lisinopril (blood pressure medicine)  to NO mg of Lisinopril!

What is in the sky?

Cloaked Borg Ship?

I took these pictures near Kuttawa, KY February 7th, 2013. It looked as though the clouds were hitting and wrapping around an invisible cube. I watched it for about 45 minutes. I figured one day I would figure out what it what it was. I have heard about square shaped clouds before. This is different. As I started looking into what would cause it, I became a lot more intrigued and no closer to knowing what would cause it.  Any ideas?