electrical engineering

Master Electrician / Electrical Contractor

Originally H&L Electrical - (High and Low voltage) we split the high voltage and the low voltage into their own entities. We bought Humble Electric (high voltage) and Protection Guys (low voltage)

Firefighter EMT Cross

Firefighting & Emergency Management

I've enjoyed firefighting and EMS classes around the world. Out of necessity comes innovation and raw cunningness. I enjoy sharing the techniques I've learned from some of the best. I'm also active in anti-terrorism especially domestic terrorism, family terrorism and judicial terrorism.


Protection Services

We have been a 5-Star Dealer, Installer and Manufacturer of Home Automation equipment since 2006. Security/surveillance systems, automation systems, and personnel security. Your safety is our concern as long as you are already one of our customers. We are currently running at full capacity.

watt hour meter

I'm pretty proud of this gift from Myer Contracting

The guys from Myer Contracting were very thoughtful while removing this watt-hour meter. In order to avoid removing the lead seal on the right side to dismount it, they cut the wall around the portion it is mounted on and cut the nails from behind. This is the only known intact 1909 watthour meter. The entire house was served with only 10amps. These meters were phased out as about as fast as they were installed. Once people had electricity they wanted to use it. The birth of appliances was quickly developing, rendering these meters obsolete. These meters were only single phase 10Amps - for the entire house.

In today's breaker boxes the smallest breaker is 15amps roughly 30 of them including 30 and 60 amp breakers. It's hard to imagine only 10 amps for an entire house. Our appliances are a lot more energy efficient today, yet we necessitate 200Amp services.

In the early days of the industry, they fused both the hot wire (line) and the neutral. One of the yellow and black fuses in the lower left corner is a "Neutral" fuse. Fusing the Neutral has proven to be a deadly mistake. If the Neutral fuse blows then the circuit is still hot and may try to use a human to complete the circuit.

The electrical industry is an ever growing and ever learning industry.

I'm very proud of this meter!